Sr.Project TitleProject Leader
Strategies for maximum vertical space utilization in growing of selected vegetables inside polyhouse in hot and arid regionDr. Pankaj Kumar Kannaujia
Assessment of soil microbial activities and post-harvest quality of tomato cultivated under plastic and organic mulches in arid regionsDr. Ajinath Dukare
Development of phase change material based mobile cool chamber for transportation of fruits and vegetablesDr. Sakharam Kale
Studies of mulching on growth, yield and quality of pulse (Cow pea) under drip irrigation systemDr. Pankaj Kumar Kannaujia
Development of rapid quality monitoring system for wheat flour and its primary milled productsDr. D.N. Yadav
Development of protocols for shelf life, safe storage and milling outturn and indicative norms for procurement of major pulsesDr. R.K. Vishwakarma
Development of rapid quality monitoring system for wheat flour and its primary milled productsDr. D.N. Yadav
Design and Development of protective structures for high valued crops to reduce damage from hail and frostEr. Indore Navnath S.
Valorization of industrially produced soybean and groundnut de-oiled meals/cakes by extraction, purification and production of protein isolatesDr. D.N. Yadav
Processing and Value Addition of Agricultural Produce for Enhancing Farmers income and Employment in Production Catchment under Farmer FIRST Programme (FPP)Dr. Sandeep Mann
Establishment of Agri-Business Incubation (ABI) Centre under XII Plan Scheme for National Agriculture Innovation Fund (NAIF) at ICAR-CIPHET, LudhianaDr. Ranjit Singh
CIPHET-Post-Harvest Technology Machine and Equipment Testing Centre at ICAR-CIPHET, Ludhiana [Under Sub Mission on Agricultural Mechanization (SMAM)]Dr. R.K. Gupta
Establishment of modern fruits and vegetables Agro Processing Centre (APC)Dr. P C Sharma
Refinement of process protocol for preparation of traditional fermented fish products of Northeast India by using biotechnological tools and its process mechanization- under DBT’s Twinning programme for the North East funded by DBTDr. Armaan U. Muzaddadi
Value addition of makhana and its by-products"Dr. R.K. Vishwakarma
Development of automated fumigation chamber for treatment of grapes with CO2 and SO2 and standardization of treatment protocol for Export market access to New ZealandDr. R.K. Vishwakarma
Development of food Bio-polymer based micro & nano scale delivery systems for bioactive ingredients in functional foods (Under Award of ICAR-National Fellow)Dr. K. Narsaiah
Studies and refinement of live-fish carrier system for mass transportation of table fish, brooders, fingerlings and aquarium fisherDr. A.U. Muzadaddadi
Study on determining storage losses in food grains in FCI and CWC warehouses and to recommend norms for storage losses in efficient warehouse managementDr. S.N. Jha, Dr. R.K. Gupta & Dr. S.K. Nanda
Up-gradation of Quality Control Food Testing LaboratoryDr. S.N. Jha